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Our History

iCompete Fitness has been helping people lose weight, become stronger, and improve their quality of lives for the past 5 years We do this in a fun, yet challenging environment that will make you break out of your comfort zone and leave you feeling so proud of what you just accomplished. 


Integrity – we are open, honest, ethical and genuine
Cultivate a community of Support, Respect and Acceptance
Ownership – take responsibly for own actions
Meet and exceed clients’ expectations
Passion – we love helping our clients’
Empower individuals
Truthful – Be Real
Excellence – what we strive for in all we do

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Your body can handle it, it’s your mind you have to convince.


Julie Krommenhoek
Julie Krommenhoek

With 16 years of experience in the fitness industry, Julie is passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Her mission is to empower each one of her clients to become Strong, Confident, and Unstoppable! She will challenge, encourage, push and support you to surpass your mental physical boundaries, while having fun at the same time. Julie is nationally certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), one of the top programs in the country. She is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and is a certified Nutritionist (CNS). Julie earned her degree in Exercise and Sports Science, from the University of Utah (1998).

Julie has developed and implemented programs for general fitness, sport specific for athletes, has worked with high school students with special needs and older adults helping them to regain and maintain their independence and enjoy a better quality of life. She has completed the Bone Builders Training through the University of Arizona focusing on educating people on the dietary needs and exercise habits to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. She has conducted numerous fitness camps for kids and is a frequent guest speaker on nutrition and various fitness topics. Julie played basketball at the University of Utah where she was an All-American, All-Conference player. She has been inducted into the University of Utah Hall of Fame. She played 3 years professionally in Switzerland. Julie enjoys doing anything outdoors and loves to do puzzles to unwind.

Kyle Liston
Kyle Liston

I have enjoyed fitness for over 13 years. I played high baseball and then moved on to mountain biking racing. 

Becoming a personal trainer, I have found my passion. I am certified through the National Personal Training Institute for about 4 years. The school gave me an edge on what to expect in the fitness world by giving me hands-on experience in personal and group settings. I enjoy helping everyone feel accomplished after a tough workout. I personally enjoy doing all types of circuit and endurance training. I like to keep things fun and challenging. I know hard work and a great training regime is not only the key to winning, it’s the ticket to a healthy life!
Alec Munoz
Alec Munoz

I am an avid outdoors enthusiast and habitual ceiling breaker with deep roots in Arizona. 

Athletics and physical fitness have always been a big part of who I am. Spending most of my life training for competitive sports performance, my biggest expertise have focused in the grappling arts of wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Through both competing and instructing, I have really found a big place in my heart for helping others reach their full physical and mental potentials. Personal training has hit this passion on the head for me. As a very social guy, I love spending time with positive people and helping them push to new heights of achievement. For me, training isn’t just about looking good, feeling good, or performing well. It is a journey that brings us closer to the best versions of ourselves, inside and outside of the gym.

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