“iCompete Fitness has given me the lifestyle change that I desired and I am hooked! Julie mixes up the workouts and I’ve had sore muscles that I never knew I had. In addition, the nutritional program has completely changed me. It was simple to follow and has taken away my cravings for “junk” food and leaves me feeling energetic and satisfied. I love the support and camaraderie with the other members.”
– Jared

“I have never walked through life with complete body confidence until I met Julie. She has changed me and my body composition completely! My results with her have been astonishing. Since beginning to work with her I have lost almost twelve inches all over my body.”
– Elizabeth

“I am a single mom of 4 boys, I’m in school Full-time, and also working. Julie encouraged me to take control of my life, do something for myself, and get the body back that I was missing. So I committed…and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Julie was so supportive and her program was so do-able, even with my crazy schedule. The best thing…i regained my Confidence and feel so motivated to keep living a healthy lifestyle.”
– Brandy

“Julie’s workouts kick my bootie!!! I was unable to attend a class due to a conflict. I was really wanting to workout so I decided to do my usual workout that I had been doing for the last year. I wasn’t even winded! I felt like I had not even worked out!! I came home and couldn’t believe how far I have come working out with Julie in such a short amount of time. It made me even more excited and determined to reach my goal and push myself. Thanks Julie, you rock!!”
– Gretchen

“I started the 34 Day Fat Destroyer on my own and after a week, my husband decided to support me and eat what I was eating. We both really enjoyed the food and after a month he lost 17 lbs and I lost over 10 inches and 2% body fat…and felt amazing.  The best part is that my husband is a type 2 diabetic and he as been able to get off 3 of t his medications in only 4 weeks!! He has not even exercised during this time frame either, just following the eating plan. He is so happy with his weight loss, that he is wanting to start exercising too.We feel so much better, have more stamina, sleep better and have more energy.  I am so grateful for Julie and her ongoing support and monitoring. I have done a lot of programs and always feel short of my goal, but this program has changed our lives and given me hope, which I was in desperate need of. Thank you Julie.”
– Janae

“I joined Julie’s boot camp in Aug 2013. When I first started I could barely do the warm-up but the other people in the class were so supportive saying come on you can do it. Thanks to them and julie and her food challenges I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 10! After our first 34 day challenge Julie gave me the Iron Women award. It might seem silly but I treasure that. I owe all my success to my pal Kelly for inviting me to her gym and Julie for teaching me healthy life changes. When I returned to work some of my work friends had not seen me for 4 months and were quite shocked with my size change twirling me around and saying I’m half the woman I used to be. I Love it. Julie at ICompete has the best programs around and truly cares about each one of her students.
Thank You so much”
– Glenna

“My wife talked me into doing the 34 Day Fat Destroyer Challenge and I reluctantly did it. I am so happy i did. When Julie did my assessment, i could only do 2 sit-ups!  I was shocked and quite embarrassed. It was a definite reality check for me. I ended up getting the most improved, going from 2 to 33 sit-ups in 1 minute. The environment that Julie creates is fantastic, the people are amazing and everyone supports each other. Its a lot of fun and challenging. Julie mixes it up all the time so it is not boring. Over the 34 Day Challenge, I lost about 15 lbs and my body fat dropped about 5%. I realized how much I had improved when i went out to do yard work one day and I did not get tired or winded. I felt better than I ever have before. It literally makes my life better. I feel so much better about myself and have more energy and can do so much more. If you are thinking about it, do it. You won’t regret it.”
– Scott

“Julie does an awesome job working with you individually even though your in a group setting. She truly cares about you as a person and wants to see you reach your goals. I highly recommend her to anyone.””
– Sean -owner Kinect Physical Therapy

“The 34 Day program was just what I needed to get that jump-start. It has really given me the stop and think attitude before I just eat something. I am making better choices and feel FANTASTIC! – Lost 13 pounds of fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle and lost 5.3% body fat.”
– Jenn

“The 34 day Fat Destroyer Program is exactly what I had been looking for to tone up and drop those extra pounds. I had previously tried all the different programs out there, which are mostly gimmicks, and I had no luck. Julie’s program is simply learning how to eat right and it is not a gimmick so you actually get the results. The way Julie’s program is set up is you REALLY learn it. She gives you every single thing you need from weekly shopping list to daily menus. I have never felt better. I feel empowered with more will power and making good choices for food is so much easier so I can already tell that maintaining will be easy. – Tiffany-Lost 9½ lbs., 2.4% body fat and 12.5 inches.”
– Tiffany

“Julie’s program sparked my enthusiasm for a permanent lifestyle change. I was so motivated with the results I had in such a short time (and I’m still excited with the results I am continuing to see)! I lost 6.5% body fat, 9.5 inches, 11 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle. Wow! I was amazed! I continued to follow what Julie taught me and have lost a total of total 9.8% body fat!!! I went from the obese into the normal range!! It isn’t just about weight loss, it’s a lifestyle adjustment! Julie has educated me on how to eat healthier. I have more energy, sleep better, blood pressure is in normal range, more self-confidence and feel more involved with my own life. It’s a terrific feeling to fit back into the clothes that were shoved into the farthest corner of the closest. Of course buying NEW clothes in a SMALLER size is an added bonus!”
– Karleen

“Thank you Julie for creating such a positive environment where one can sweat, cry and persevere!!! This has been one of the best choices that I have made to help me become a stronger and healthier person. You have built such a positive, supportive and caring environment. ”
– Dhiel

“My experience with iCompete and Julie Krommenhoek is nothing less than fantastic. First of all, Julie is extremely supportive throughout all aspects of her program.  Julie’s knowledge of nutrition surpasses anyone that I know. I’ve worked with other personal trainers that have told me I need to eat “healthy” to enhance the effects of my workouts, but no one could ever show me how. They never educated me as to which foods I need, when I need them and how they affect my body. Julie does all of that and more. Her nutritional program is one that I can follow not only for a short period of time, but I can adopt it into my daily eating habits on a long-term basis and still feel satisfied after each meal. Julie’s workout programs are sensational. Her workouts are difficult and challenging but they can also be very fun. She incorporates new exercises and new workouts so it is never the “same old thing”. I truly enjoy going to the gym and working out with the other Bootcampers. Julie gives personal encouragement to everyone and really notices when I have given it my all. If I happen to miss a workout, I feel like I have missed an important part of my day. When I follow Julie’s program, I can see and feel positive changes in my body. Right now, I feel much stronger than I have for most of my life. I know that if I stay committed to her nutritional instructions and keep coming to her workouts, that I will be in the best shape of my life in no time. Julie is the best trainer that I have worked with and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”
– Scott

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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