Member Highlight- TEO

Get to know TEO CORDEIRO

What is your favorite snack?
Trailmix – Heavy on raw/unsalted almonds & cashews.

What are your hobbies?

Bootcamp training @ iCompete Fitness (Mondays-Fridays), Computers (Fixing/Upgrading/Building PC’s & Mac’s), Country Dancing, Foosball and watching Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matches (especially UFC Events).

What is your favorite movie?

Enter the Dragon!

What is something people don’t know about you?

I believe most people are initially surprised when they find out that I really love to dance, especially Country (I’m pretty good for a Jersey Boy). TC & I can really “hold our own” with the AZ Rythm 2 Step, AZ Half Time and West Coast & East Coast Swings.

What is your dream vacation?

1-2 weeks at an All-Inclusive Beach Resort on secluded island with fine white sand, warm & clear blue ocean (guaranteed to be free of jellyfish, stingrays and sharks), Palapas on the beach & at pool, warm kid-free pool with full gym within walking distance, jacuzzi in Master Suite… and all-you-can-eat Quest Bars!-)

What is your favorite color and what does it say about you?

Blue – It complements my “manly” calm and conservative demeanor.

Tell us about your family pet.
Don’t have a pet anymore, but last one was an adopted stray cat named, Saturday. He was unique, had personality (somewhat of a bully to other cats) and would come running (like a dog) when I whistled for him. Unfortunately he was traumatized by an incident that ocurred when TC & I moved from Gilbert to South Chandler. He disappeared after a couple of weeks in our new home… really missed him…!

What do you like about iCompete Fitness?

I like the sense of family our 5:30 Class has developed, the comradery many of us have with eac other, especially with Julie, being able to work out with my Soul Mate (wife Teresa… also know as TC) & best friend Kirk. I like being able to start most weekdays with intense cross-fit training on a spring-loaded floor in a competitive, but friendly atmosphere. I like the variety of workout routines Julie has developed for us. Her unique system has the perfect mix of exercises that enables working out at whatever intensity level you can handle that day and still be able to achieve positive results. I like the “unannounced” Check-ins Julie uses to keep us “on our toes” too!

What is your favorite exercise at bootcamp?

Sprinting… especially against Tiffany (Our Star Tri-Athlele), Brandt, Sherry, Vic, Kirk, Kelly (sure miss Scott & Ted)… and having TC & Iron-Lady cheer me on! Also like when Julie & Kyle cut in to push me further and LET me win.

What is a healthy habit you have added into your life?

Working out most weekdays at iCompete Fitness and having a daily awareness of my food consumtion, always attempting to balance meals with protein (lots more than ever), carbs & minimal fat.

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