Member Highlight- Jessica Braswell

Get to know Jessica Braswell

Jessica is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet..and one of the toughest!  She is always there to help someone out, yet don’t mess with here when she gets in the zone. She is focused, intense and and pushes herself. Jessica has come so far since she started with us. She use to not be able to jump rope at all, and resorted to the “invisible rope” style. One day we gave her a jump rope and challenged her to practice at home. 2 Weeks later she came back a pro!  If you saw her now, you would never know that as she is smooth and flawless. She has also worked hard to developed the strength to have one of the best push-up forms in class..and NOT on the knees!! Thanks for being part of the iCompete Fitness family!

What is your favorite snack?


What are your hobbies?

Working out with friends

What is your favorite movie?

Chitty BangBang

What is something people don’t know about you?

Closet thrill seeker

What is your dream vacation?

Touring Europe

What is your favorite color and what does it say about you?

PInk. Says I am sweet and soft spoken

Tell us about your family pet.

Family pet is kind but has a leaky faucet

What do you like about iCompete Fitness?


What is your favorite exercise at bootcamp?

The end-stretching

What is a healthy habit you have added into your life?

Eating more protein and exercising.


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