Morning or Afternoon Quicky…

Of course I am talking about a Workout! ūüôā

I am enjoying some family time and my brother’s wedding…and feeling great…so I thought I would throw you all a Bonus Workout this week.

I had a day that just got away from me, as I know many of you can relate to. I had my brothers wedding and family events…and so I had a short amount of time to squeeze in a workout. However, the great thing is that you can get incredible results doing quick, high intense workouts.

**The key is to go as hard as you can, rest a little as possible and push yourself like you never have….you must enter the BEAST MODE!

I found a 24 hour fitness and here is what I did:

 Metaboiic Accelerator

20 Battle Rope slams

20 Battle Rope alternating arm slams

20 Battle Rope in/outs

25 Kettlebell 1-arm swings (alternate)

25 Med ball slams on side (slam on right side of body, keep above head as you move to left side slam)

25 Bosu Spidermans

Repeat 3-4 times.

I was huffing and puffin and felt GREAT!! As I walked out of the gym, a guy walked out at the same time and i thought, “are you coming or going in?” Not a good thing! If someone thinks that, than you clearly did not work hard enough because they can’t even tell if you workout!! To get results, you need to PUSH yourself.





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