Simple exercises to prevent shoulder injuries

One of the most common complaints i get from my clients is about their shoulder pain. Most of the time, their thinking is that they are just “getting old” and their “bodies are breaking down.” Well, yes, you are getting older every day, but, your body does not need to break down.

When we lift our shoulders, we tend to work the” big muscles”, like the deltoids, because they are what show. Hey, I get it, if you are taking the time to workout, you want to show it off. ūüėČ However it is the smaller stabilizing muscles that are critical to keeping your shoulders strong, healthy and pain free. You can have both.

Sean Miller, owner of Kinect Physical Therapy, is back again to show you some simple, yet effective exercises that can be done at home.  It only take about 3-5 minutes 3x per week to keep your shoulders pain free and strong. Seems worth it to me, as a rotator cuff surgery is one of the most difficult surgeries to go through.

If you have any aches and pains or want Sean to cover a certain topic, please comment below.

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